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The ERF Mentoring Programme

Could a mentor help you with your Extensive Reading Programme?

This is for all teachers who want to set up an ER programme but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, or for teachers who are already running an ER programme, but it isn’t going as well as they would like it to!

First, don’t be afraid to ask for help; setting up an ER programme isn’t easy although it’s certainly worth it. But if you’re navigating a pathway unknown to you, it’s always easier with a guide. That’s what the mentoring programme is all about; it's a system by which someone who’s already experienced in setting up an ER programme can get in touch with you, and, based on their experience, can give you some advice and ideas. And the great thing about it is, that the mentors are volunteers, and it is completely free.

So what do you do? Don't delay! Go to the website mentoring page,, fill in your details including your specific ER needs, and if a mentor feels that s/he can help, s/he will contact you. Even if the mentor can’t provide an immediate ‘fix’, s/he will be very happy to discuss your programme with you….. and often, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Gill Claridge

ERF Board of Directors



The Extensive Reading Foundation’s Mentoring System

The ERF wish to connect people who need advice or help setting up or running their ER programs with people who already have experience. The mentors can offer only advice (as much or as little as they wish) and are not obligated to send materials, make school visits and so on. This is an unpaid, volunteer activity. However, if they wish to, that would be great. We hope the relationship would be longer rather than shorter but this depends on you both. Of course, multiple people can mentor the same program.

Mentors (helpers)

Look at this page and find a program (or two) that you might want to help. Contact them yourself and start mentoring however you wish, or can. There is no need to contact the ERF to ask for permission.

Mentees (those needing help)

1. Please complete this application form. Your details will appear on the page for mentors to see. Please be as explicit as possible. Write well so you will be chosen!

2. We encourage mentees to write up the help they get and make notes about how your ER

program is growing and maybe record it as a blog or as a video on youtube or wherever.

3. If you do get a mentor, please contact and we will record that

you are being helped so that mentors can select a different program

If you cannot access these forms, please contact and we will send you a file to look at.

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