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[New] Journal of Extensive Reading website

Dear Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Extensive Reading,

With the upgrading of the JALT website,

the Journal of Extensive Reading also has a new home and URL.

1. Please update your bookmarks as the old site won’t be there for too much longer.

New site:

2. If you are a published author on the old site,

you may wish to back up any reviews or versions of your paper from the old site

before it goes out of commission.

(Only final galleys have been transferred to the new site).

3. Please register anew on the new site.

4. When registering, we encourage you to check the box to request becoming a reviewer

for the journal. If you do so, be sure to fill in your reviewing interests.

This will help us to match submissions better with your interests.

If you have any trouble of need help, please contact me at

Kind Regards,

Leslie Chivers

JER Journal Manager

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