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4th World Congress 2017

Dear ERF Board Members, Associates and advisors, The stage has been set for the next Word Congress! Could you please disseminate the text between the dashed lines wherever you think would be appropriate?

In addition, if you have any suggestions for plenary speakers, a "catch phrase" for the event, or wish to volunteer to help with any aspect of the event, please access this three-item poll:

-------------- The Extensive Reading Foundation is delighted to announce that the Fourth World Congress in Extensive Reading will be held at Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo, Japan from August 5 through 7, 2017. The Congress will be co-hosted by the Extensive Reading Foundation, the Japan Extensive Reading Association(JERA) and the JALT ER-SIG.

Further information will be gradually made available on the Congress website, Please bookmark that page and return to it regularly!

Please feel free to post this information wherever ER enthusiasts might see it. ---------------


Thomas Robb, Chair

The Extensive Reading Foundation

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