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[ER자료] 1천권이 넘는 다독 자료!

About | Extensive Reading Central :


Extensive Reading Central is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing an Extensive Reading and Extensive Listening approach to foreign and second language learning. It was started by Dr. Rob Waring of Note Dame Seishin University, Okayama, Japan and Dr. Charles Browne of Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan as a free service to the EFL community.

Our aim is to keep this site as much as possible free. Our hope is the EFL community will assist us in building the site through collaboration. We have lots of exciting new features to make this possible under development.

We hope to avoid accepting any any advertising, however the site costs a considerable amount of money to run each year. If we are forced into accepting advertising to cover our costs, we will not favour any particular publisher, series, books or the like in any way.

Any blog comments that break house rules about profanity, respect for others and so on will be deleted. No comments on the quality of materials will be deleted.

Motto: Collaborate to enrich ELT


  1. ER-Central is a free website created and maintained by EFL Technologies for the ELT community.

  2. We do not expect to make any profit out of the content on the free parts of this site. In the future we may add premium features which users may choose to pay for.


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