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KEERA By-laws

Bye-Laws of the

Korean English Extensive Reading Association (KEERA)

Last amended Friday April 29, 2011


The Korean English Extensive Reading Association (KEERA) is a voluntary association for people interested in Extensive Reading in second languages within the Korean peninsula

Extensive Reading shall be defined as “fast, fluent reading of a second language with high comprehension of the reading material.”



The English name of this Association shall be “The Korean English Extensive Reading Association”. The Korean name shall be decided in due course.

2. Aims

KEERA shall have as is aims:

• to further education about and promote Extensive Reading in the Korean peninsula • promote best practice in promoting, implementing, administering and evaluating Extensive Reading programs in Korea • to provide high quality assistance and support to teachers and parents who wish to adopt an Extensive Reading approach to reading • to support and further research into Extensive Reading • to support Extensive Listening

To achieve its aims KEERA may do the following activities: • create and manage a website and email discussion lists to disseminate information about KEERA and Extensive Reading in general • hold workshops and lectures • support research into Extensive Reading • have activities to support learners • publish a journal or newsletter • and others as decided by KEERA and its Officers

3. Structure KEERA shall be managed by the KEERA Executive who shall manage KEERA in order to follow its aims and for the good of KEERA and Extensive Reading in Korea in general.

The KEERA Executive

• The KEERA Executive shall comprise 5 officers – a President, Vice-president and 3 General Officers. • At least two of the Executive should be Korean nationals. If there is a tie in voting between a Korean national and a non-Korean national, the Korean national shall be elected up to a maximum of two such cases. If no Korean nationals are nominated, then non-Korean nationals may that their place. • The language the KEERA Executive shall use to conduct KEERA’s business shall be agreed upon by the KEERA Executive. • The President shall lead KEERA assisted by the Vice-president • The KEERA Executive shall decide how KEERA is run. • Only the KEERA Executive can change these bye-laws. • KEERA Officers shall serve for a two year period when their position shall be open for election. • No limits shall be put on the number of times a person can be elected to KEERA’s Executive. • KEERA Officers are allowed to note their appointment to the Executive on their CV or resume. • KEERA’s Executive, upon appointment, shall agree to abide by these bye-laws. • Any member of the KEERA Executive who does not, in the opinion of a simple majority of other members of the KEERA Executive appear to be carrying out his or her duties, or is not complying with these bye-laws shall be subject to removal after a decision by the KEERA Executive. In the case of a tie, the President’s vote shall count double.

Ordinary KEERA Members • Any person or organization can become a member of KEERA. • Ordinary KEERA Members are NOT allowed to note their membership of KEERA on their CV or resume.

KEERA Advisors • KEERA Advisors are individuals whom KEERA may wish to consult for advice about KEERA’s operations. • KEERA Advisors have no voting power and cannot make KEERA decisions. • KEERA’s Officers shall decide by a majority vote who can become a KEERA Advisor and who can be removed as an Advisor. • KEERA Advisors are allowed to note their appointment on their CV or resume. • A KEERA Advisor may also be elected to the KEERA Executive

4. Fees • An annual fee of 10,000 Korean Won needs to be paid to join KEERA. This runs from January 1st to December 31st each year. To join and pay contact the KEERA Treasurer at • No payments for services to the KEERA Officers shall be paid for work done for KEERA. • All work shall be voluntary. • KEERA shall reimburse any individual who has been pre-authorized to spend money on behalf o KEERA and its work.

5. Elections • The KEERA Executive Officers shall be elected by a popular vote of the paid-up KEERA Members. • KEERA shall hold elections at the end of every even-numbered year (i.e. every 2 years). • People wishing to stand to become a KEERA Officer, shall nominate themselves before an election is held. • A popular vote shall determine who is elected. • The Ordinary members of KEERA shall be informed on the email discussion list of the election at least one month before an election. • Voting shall be conducted in secret with two Ordinary KEERA members acting as vote counters. • If a majority of the ordinary KEERA members wishes to hold a referendum to call for an election of the KEERA Officers, this can be done at any time. A vote of more than 60% of the ordinary members is sufficient to call elections.

6. Decisions of the KEERA Officers. Decisions regarding the affairs of KEERA shall be made by a simple majority of the KEERA Officers. If a vote is tied, the Chair’s vote shall count as the deciding vote.

7. KEERA Officer limitations and responsibilities

KEERA Officers shall: • Conduct regular Executive meetings to discuss KEERA Activities • Create and attempt to follow an annual plan of objectives to further KEERA and its objectives • Provide timely reports of decisions, events and update the members on KEERA’s activities and decisions. These shall be posted on the email discussion list. • Actively pursue KEERA’s goals and objectives • Convene and hold an annual general meeting of KEERA at a major conference event in Korea at least once a year. The date, time and location of this shall be given to all KEERA members at least one week before the event • KEERA Officers may consult with ordinary members via the email list to solicit their opinions about KEERA’s operations. These opinions shall not be binding on the KEERA Officers. • Promote KEERA and attempt to increase membership and participation within KEERA • Have the authority to set up temporary or permanent sub-committees to work on specific aspects of KEERA’s work (e.g. a committee to oversee the website, author or edit a newsletter, hold a conference etc.)

KEERA Officers shall NOT: • Use KEERA as a vehicle for self-promotion, or the Officer’s commercial interests, or the promotion of other organizations with which an Officer is associated. • Use any of KEERA’s money or assets for personal gain.

8. Affiliations

• KEERA shall be affiliated to the Extensive Reading Foundation and shall co-promote the work of the Extensive Reading Foundation. • KEERA has as its right to renege on any affiliation at any time it chooses.

9. KEERA’s Bye-laws • KEERA’s bye-laws shall be written in English and Hangul. The Hangul interpretation shall take precedence over the English version. • Both the Hangul and English versions of these bye-laws shall be posted on KEERA’s website. • These bye-laws can be changed at any time after KEERA’s Executive have consulted the Ordinary KEERA Members for their opinions about any changes, and by a simple voting majority of the KEERA Executive. • Any amendments to these bye-laws shall be made in this document and a new version of these bye-laws shall be dated and posted on KEERA’s website. • A full record of previous KEERA bye-laws shall always be available on the KEERA website.

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